In case of an emergency always call 911


The Wyoming County Local Emergency Planning Committee is consisted of members nominated by the County Commission and approved by the State Emergency Response Commission. The purpose of the LEPC is to carry out responsibilities pursuant to Reauthorization Act of 1986 (SARA), Title III, and related regulations including, but not limited to:

1. Development, training, and testing of an Emergency Management Plan for Wyoming County.
2. Development of procedures for regulated facilities to provide notification to the LEPC in accordance with Title III, SARA.
3. Development of procedures for receiving and processing requests from the public under the community right-to-know provisions of Title III, SARA.
4. Provision for public notification of committee activities.

The Wyoming County LEPC consists of the following members and their roles:
Dean Meadows, Chairman/Emergency Services
Robbie Bailey, Vice Chairman/State Representative
Tara Kodak, Secretary/Emergency Services
Tara Woods, Treasurer/Emergency Services
Mike Goode, Fire Service
Gena Carter, Health
Crystal Simpson, Environment
David Lord, Community Group
Jason Mullins, Elected Official
Roger Snow, Law
SSGT. Greg Meadows, Military
Tim Ellison, Utilities
Jeff Hylton, Transportation
Jon Karper, Medical
Tom Riser, Media
Clay Cook, Owner/Operator