In case of an emergency always call 911

Who We Are

We were established in 1991 by the Wyoming County Commission in an effort to centralize all requests for emergencies. We combine cutting-edge technology with highly trained telecommunicators to dispatch all calls for emergencies in Wyoming County. We also provide disaster management in the form of response and recovery to all of Wyoming County.

Wyoming County 911 Team

Tim Ellison


Tara Kodak

Deputy Director

Allison Hoosier

Executive Secretary

Ralph Stewart

Mapping Coordinator/Dispatcher

Alex Ellis

Administrative Assistant/Mapping/Dispatcher

Serrinia Bowling

Training Officer/Dispatcher

Tara Woods – Dispatcher

Sherry Duty – Dispatcher

Kara Greene – Dispatcher

Samantha Argabright – Dispatcher

Hailey Hurd – Dispatcher

Morgan Mitchell – Dispatcher

Amie England – Dispatcher

Megan Sizemore – Dispatcher

Doug Short – Dispatcher

Sherry Brooks – Dispatcher

Taylor Sammons-Dispatcher

Karen Gibson – Dispatcher